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February, 28, 2018 Engaging in Organized Crime – Case Dismissed 
Twin Peaks Shooting –  Incident at Waco restaurant involved 9 deaths and 18 injured.  Local authorities arrested over 170 bikers regardless of involvement. Case dismissed prior to hearing being heard on Motion to Disqualify McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.  See KWTX video news article discussing dismissal.–475429563.html

2018 Felony Assault – Case Dismissed​

2017 Attempted Murder – Case Dismissed

2016 Felony Drug Possession – Case Dismissed

2016 Felony Assault – Case Dismissed

January 7, 2016 Assault – Case Dismissed Investigation revealed that the alleged victim made statements on Facebook which directly conflicted with what was originally stated to Police.

2015 Possession of Controlled Substance – Shock Probation Granted – Client Placed on Probation
Client was originally represented by court-appointed counsel and received a 10-year prison sentence.  Once retained I secured a hearing before the District Court and requested the trial court reconsider the severe sentence.

2015 Motion to Revoke Parole (multiple violations alleged by State of Texas) – Client Released from Jail on Parole

2015 Motion to Revoke Probation DWI – Client Continued on Probation
While on DWI probation my client picked up a second DWI charge.  Typically this results in revocation.
I was able to win the motion to revoke, client was continued on probation for the first DWI and it was run concurrent with probation for the second DWI.  At the hearing I argued that there were extenuating circumstances explaining my client’s actions and that he shows deep remorse for his actions.

2015 Application for Release on Parole – Application Granted – Client Released on Parole
While serving a 6-year prison term I successfully argued to the parole board that my client had the support system and tools in place to be a success on parole.

2015 Retaliation (Felony Third Degree) – Case Dismissed – Insufficient Evidence

2015 Motion to Revoke Parole Client Released from Jail on Parole 
Multiple allegations included Assault and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

2015 Robbery – Shock Probation Granted – Client Placed on Probation 
Client was originally represented by court-appointed counsel and received a 6-year prison sentence.  The family contacted me within 180 days of the judgment and I was able to secure a hearing petitioning for probation instead of hard prison time.  At the hearing I argued for treatment over punishment.

2014 Assault – Case Dismissed Pursuant to client’s wishes I rejected all offers on this case, including probation.
Client maintained innocence throughout the entire legal process.  Shortly before jury came in I was able to secure a dismissal.

2014 Assault – Case Dismissed

2014 Motion to Revoke Probation for Drug Possession – Motion to Revoke Denied – Client Continued on Probation – Released from Jail 

2014 Theft – Case Dismissed

May 31, 2013  Gambling Promotion – Case Dismissed

May 2013 Criminal Trespass – Case Dismissed

2012 Felony Assault (2d) – Case Dismissed

2012 Criminal Trespass – Case Dismissed

2012 DWI (1)- prior to jury selection –  Case Dismissed

2012 Motion to Revoke Probation for Assault – Motion to Revoke Denied  – Client Continued on Probation

2012 Theft (prior to jury being brought in courtroom case was dismissed) – Case Dismissed

2012  Motion to Revoke Parole (multiple violations alleged by State of Texas) – Client Released from Jail on Parole  

2012 Motion to Revoke Probation (Felony Unauthorized use of a Vehicle) – Client Continued on Probation

2011 Assault on a Public Servant (through the use of experts this case was resolved) – Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

2011 Assault Bodily Injury – Case Dismissed

2011 Assault Bodily Injury (Family Violence) – Case Dismissed

2011 Parole Revocation Hearing (allegation Indecency with Child Sexual Contact ) –  Client Released from Jail on Parole

2011 Robbery (Juvenile) – Jury Trial – Not True 
The Texas Juvenile Justice System does not use the terms not guilty instead they use the term “Not True”
(See “Homeruns” excerpt of the San Antonio Criminal Defender’s Magazine” below)

2010 Federal Drug Charge (Possession with Intent to Distribute Marihuana) – Case Dismissed

2010 False Statement to Obtain Property – Cases Dismissed in Multiple Counties in Texas

2010 DWI (1) – Case Dismissed

2010 Felony Forgery – Counterfeit Money – Case Dismissed

2010 DWI (1) Open Container- Case Dismissed

2010 Possession of Controlled Substance (1-4 grams)- Case Dismissed 

2009 Robbery (Range of Punishment 2-20 years in prison) – Case Dismissed

2008 Assault Bodily Injury – Case Dismissed

2008 Motion to Revoke Probation (Evading Arrest with Vehicle) – Client Continued on Probation

2007 DWI (1) – Case Dismissed

2007 Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4 grams – Case Dismissed

2007 Assault Bodily Injury (Family Violence)-  Case Dismissed

2006 Motion to Revoke Probation (Burglary of a Habitation) – Motion to Revoke Withdrawn based on Successful Insanity Defense

2005 Aggravated Robbery – Jury Trial – Not Guilty

2004 Deadly Conduct – Jury Trial  – Not Guilty

2003  DWI 3rd – Jury Trial – Not Guilty

From the San Antonio Criminal Defender’s Magazine  July 2011 “Homeruns”

“Karen Corby and Jaime Aldape made the strategic decision to allow a BCSO deputy on the jury in a Robbery out of the 289th because the complainant’s credibility hinged heavily on the accuracy and credibility of the officer and his report.”

“They got a verdict of Not True.”

*Every case is different and unique and must be evaluated and handled accordingly. This information is not indicative of what your result may be.   This is just a few of the many cases that have been resolved favorably on behalf of our clients.